15 November 2025 @ 04:41 pm
( septum ring specs: 14g; 12" diameter )

♱ $$$ for School of Witchery ($5/mo; would like a number of months' worth, whatever is reasonable!)
♱ Custom engraving for my pink zippo lighter casing (will try to get an estimate from the place in the mall that does it)
Crescent septum ring (matte black ideally, or regular polished black, 1/2" jewelry)
♱ Tiny-small flatback crystals (can be found at Michael's in the jewelry making section; I have pink, would like non-color crystal, opal-y colors)
♱ UO or H&M gift card, Sephora

♱ Anything from this Etsy list of mine: Dear Santa; very fond of the AHS pin, the black coffin with bats pin, the fuzzy moth, and the carcosa patch

(leaving this link here bc I don't want to lose track of it and I'm considering keeping it for my birthday wishlist!!) Calico Critters だいすきよ❤️ケーキ作り (Love To Make Cake)
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